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Material Testing

Advisory Board of TCR Engineering Services
TCR has assembled a strong team of external experts who will provide technical leadership to the company. This list of experts includes:

Dr. G. E. Prasad
Retd. Head Materials Characterization Section BARC, Ex Hon. Secretary of Indian Nuclear Society

Dr. G.E. Prasad is a well known personality in the field of Metallurgical Investigations and Failure Analysis. He has been associated with Dept. of Atomic Energy till he retired in 2001. Dr. Prasad has also represented India in a 3 member team who was involved in Kanishka (Air India Jet) blast case. He has numerous investigations of failure in Heavy Water Project, DAE and governmental institutions around the country. Dr. Prasad has been a General Secretary of such renowned societies as Indian Institute of Metals (Mumbai Chapter), Material Research Society (Mumbai Branch) and Indian Nuclear Society (Mumbai). He is the ex. honorary secretary of the Indian Nuclear Society.

Mr. C.V. Srinivasan
UNDP Corrosion Specialist

Mr. Srinivasan is the Technical Director, Nishi Engineers Pvt Ltd Chennai with over 42 years of professional experience. He has published 38 papers on Corrosion, Metallurgy, Welding, N.D.T in various International and National Conferences on Corrosion, metallurgy, Welding, Non-Destructive Testing, Vibration + Journals from 1965 onwards including UNDP conferences. His expertise includes conducting Third Party & Statutory Inspection / Certification of LPG/Butane/Pentane / Ammonia/ VCM/ Chlorine / Nitrogen/ Oxygen Static Storage Vessels (Bullets / Spheres), Petroleum / Methanol/ Diesel/ HSD/ LSD/ Kerosene etc Storage vessels, Used Pressure Vessels / Used Lifting Machines / Lifting Tools, Cranes, Hoists etc.

He is an expert in conducting Risk Analysis and Safety Audit for Chemical, Fertilizer, Petro-chemical, Refinery, Steel Industries and also provides consultancy in Corrosion, Metallurgical Studies (including Failure Analysis) for Plant equipment / piping etc failures. He assists in guiding on Non-Destructive Inspection, In-situ Metallography of special equipment / piping during project stage or after some years usage as well as providing Vibration Engineering Consultancy for high speed turbo-compressor rotating machinery / high speed pumps, blowers, fans etc on a need basis.

Mr. K. Ravindran

Mr. Ravindran has the unique distinction of holding the ASNT NDT Level III certification in 10 subjects including RT, UT , MT , PT, VT, ET, LT, IR ,AE and NR. He also carried the AWS CWI certifications. He has an overall experience of 25 years in inspection field of castings, forgings, pressure vessels (Designing, fabrication inspection) and pipe lines inspection. He is familiar in Destructive and Nondestructive inspection technique, as applicable to Welds, castings, forgings etc as well as inspection of raw materials with relevant specifications. He is thoroughly familiar with all the relevant applicable Codes and Standards for Nondestructive Testing and well versed in the documentation procedures. He is a post Graduate in physics, Post Graduate Diploma in Radiation Protection by Bombay University BARC (INDIA). He has over ten years experience in conducting training courses and classes all most in all methods of NDT, welding technology and casting and foundry technology.