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TCR Engineering Services, India, is a privately funded company that has been profitable since inception in 1973. The company has consistently delivered a high percentage annual rate of revenue growth, and is committed to maintaining such levels of performance in the future.

Our corporate leadership is focused to create wealth legally and ethically.

The Need for Capital
TCR´s management team believes in organic growth with a good mix of joint ventures and franchising models. We believe in the immense potential of outsourcing of test samples to our state-of-the-art Material Testing Laboratory in India. Our over 40 years of experience, indepth scientific ability and strong engineering talent makes us one of the premier test labs in Asia.

We need capital to accomplish the following goals:
- To expand on a global scale and deliver competitive material science solutions
- Procure machinery and test equipment
- Recruit Talent
- Adress needs of Automotive and Aviation sector
- Enhance the Marketing and Sales teams

We intend to raise capital through strategic equity participation including participation of venture capital firms.

TCR´s global reach brings many benefits. The company´s operations support one another by generating service and product synergies and sharing know-how. All benefit from enhanced purchasing power and access to world markets through a global sales and marketing network. A broad portfolio of material testing and laboratory services allows us to tackle every segment of the market.

Strong fundamentals like quality, integrity, and supreme customer service have been the drivers of our growth. We are convinced about the long-term value proposition of TCR Engineering Services - which is based on our Technical depth, Quality leadership, and an Attractive Value for Money proposition.

We believe that our objectives can best be achieved through sustainable business processes and services with a combination of economic performance and social responsibility. We like to ensure predictability, sustainability and profitability of revenues year after year.

Are you interested in Investing in TCR?
We invite investment interest from Venture Capitalists, Fund Managers specializing in Materials Testing, Quality Assurance and B-2-B Service related companies. All discussions in this regard are held confidential. To initiate dialogue in this regard, please contact Rohit Bafna, Director Global Sales on
Line of Business:
Material Testing Laboratory
Product Research (R&D) and Failure Analysis
Engineering Consulting with Product Sourcing
Inspection and Quality Assurance Services
Material Science and NDT Training Institute
Laboratory Software and Testing Products
Manpower Contracting