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Material Testing
material testing
material testing Joint Venture and Franchise of the Material Testing Laboratory
Joint Venture
As part of TCR's global growth stratergy, we look forward to undertaking joint venture or outright laboratory acquisition with independant laboratories. TCR Engineering strength in strong engineering talent, established laboratory practices, global brand, international customers and project expertise can all be brought into play in the joint venture.

TCR Engineering Services understands the critical need of enhancing value through strategic relationships. TCR is keen on developing relationships that open new vistas of markets, make optimal use of our comprehensive services by complementing and leveraging strengths of like minded organizations and partners to create a new brand identity. On the same note, TCR is extremely enthusiastic of sharing and delivering value to all our existing and potential partners and believes in growing by sharing wealth and value.

The growth for the joint venture will come from new and enhanced service offering, access to the global network of TCR's quality engineering and QA team, access to a state-of-the-art remote laboratory in Navi Mumbai, India and dedicated laboratory outsourcing programs.

All discussions in this regard are held confidential. To initiate dialogue in this regard, contact Rohit Bafna, Director Global Sales on
Examples of a Joint Venture
TCR Engineering Services of India has initiated the JV's in Kuwait with the formation of TCR ATSCO Industrial Inspection Company. TCR has also intiated a joint venture in Saudi Arabia resulting in the formation of TCR Arabia. Within India the company has done a joint venture in Baroda with the formation of TCR Advanced Engineering.

Sample Collection Center Franchise
At the outset, a sample collection center serves two purposes. It first acts as a base for the sales/marketing team to promote and win quality assurance business for the center. Second, it acts as a place where samples can be collected and shipped directly to our lab in India.

Franchise Model
The center and all operations will be owned independently by the franchisee. The franchisee will be allowed to charge their own rates to customers to ensure a profitable business. The franchisee must pay a royalty on the gross billings (payable every 6 months) to TCR Engineering Services. In return for this royalty, TCR will allow the franchisee the use of her brand name, will advertise the franchisee location on our innovative website, provide marketing collateral in PDF format, and give in-depth technical assistance from time to time. The franchisee is responsible for collecting payments from clients and remitting the same to TCR. To help start you in this business, TCR will offer you a small credit line to initiate this business relationsip. As our relationship grows, this credit line will be enhanced.

Franchise Services
The Franchisee can market and collect samples for the following services of TCR:
Mechanical Testing including fatigue, microstructure, tensile and impact tests at various temperatures
Chemical Analysis including wet chemistry lab and state-of-the-art spectrometers including ICP, OES, AA, and carbon-sulphur determination
Failure Analysis, Remaining Life Assessment
Corrosion testing including HIC and SSCC

The Franchisee can also provide the following inspection and consulting services of TCR. Please note that when these areas are provided, we will require advance payment for mobilization and transportation of personnel and engineers from our base in Mumbai, India:
Positive Material Identification using XRF Spectrometers
Inspection and Dimension checking both random and final production checks
Non Destructive Testing including insitu-metallography, portable hardness, Ultrasonic, Eddy Current, Magnetic particle and other testing as outlined on our website

Furthermore, should you require any NDT contractors, PMI inspectors, AWS/API, ASNT Level II/III personnel we will be happy to contract them to your firm. You should negotiate with some courier companies to carry your samples to us on a regular basis at some special price. View our Frequently asked questions on shipping and Sample Size Requirements.

Our Franchisee benefit from our over 33 years of experience in the material testing laboratory arena, well-defined administrative and technical procedures, expertise in setting up new labs or inspection activities and help in acquiring customers and generating profits. Please note, our current franchisees have talented and enthusiastic engineers that positively care about quality control and material science with a strong financial and marketing team.

Franchise Agreement and Terms
At this time we will like to offer exclusive franchisee agreement for 5 years in respective countries or regions of India. As this relationship grows TCR reserves the right to invest in your business as well. We will make suitable investment to both grow and market the franchise once we see good business results. This agreement can be terminated before 5 years by either party once all outstanding invoices are paid in full and a 90 day termination letter is presented.

We also will like to invite all potential franchisees to our flagship laboratory in Navi Mumbai, India to see for themselves first hand regarding the business and meet our key management team members.

V.K. Bafna, Managing Director TCR
V.K. Bafna
Managing Director

material testing
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