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Outsourcing Corrosion Testing and Corrosion Studies to TCR's Labs in India
July 1, 2008
TCR has investigated thousands of failures due to corrosion for clients all over the world. TCR's strengths in elevated-temperature and ambient temperature, aqueous corrosion mechanisms including deep understanding of sour gas applications helps the upstream and downstream Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Refining and Power Companies all over the world.

Companies from all over the world including corporations such as NPCC (Oman), Enerflex (Canada), Shenzhen Jutal (China), First Fin Corporation (Taiwan), Maharashtra Seamless (India) routinely send samples to the TCR corrosion testing department in Mumbai, India for NACE specified testing such as SSCC and HIC tests for pressure vessel plates, forgings and tubes, bolts and nuts.

TCR has also undertaken custom study projects for weight loss inter-granular corrosion as per ASTM E262 practice for prestigious clients such as Caterpillar (USA), L&T (India), . In addition the company is also currently studying crevice corrosion on exotic materials using high temperature, high pressure autoclaves for a well known international client. Clients in the fast growing automotive sector in India count on salt spray corrosion test facilities of TCR in Navi Mumbai.

The investigation of corrosion failures can be very complex, and usually requires multidisciplinary testing and analysis to determine the root cause of failure. The staff within the failure analysis department at TCR have the practical experience to investigate a full range of corrosion problems across different industries from multiple geographic locations. TCR can determine if a failure is caused by inappropriate material selection, design, fabrication or operating conditions. TCR often looks at undertaking failure analysis for mechanical equipment; super heater & boiler tubes; wire cables; pipelines; pressure vessels; forgings; castings; welds/brazes; tools and dies; gears; FRP/PVC pipe; and rebar.

TCR have undertaken many failure analysis projects for Fortune 500 companies including Reliance, BP, Schlumberger, KOC, KNPC and IOC. In all, TCR has undertaken over 800 failure analysis projects till date.

The engineering consulting division of TCR is currently advising a number of API 5L pipe manufacturers in the Middle-East regarding setting up of their corrosion test facilities. TCR can create a laboratory including equipment supply and staffing for any enterprise on a turnkey based solution.

The advanced NDT services team of India is working on creating new methods for detection of step wise Hydrogen Induced Corrosion (HIC) Cracking using the C-Scan Corrosion mapping solution for in-service inspection of plant items. The Advanced NDT unit of TCR is also working on detection of HTHA (High Temperature Hydrogen Attack) in base metal and Embedded Crack detection by SW (Shear Wave) and CWT (Creeping Wave Technique).

TCR's diverse staff includes professionals who have been recognized by the International American Society of Materials (ASM) and the National Association for Corrosion Engineers (NACE) for outstanding contributions to the field of materials science and corrosion. In 2007, NACE International, India chapter selected TCR Engineering Services (Navi Mumbai) as a recipient for the prestigious NIIS Award for "Excellent Laboratory."

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