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material testing
Material Testing

Material Testing Software and Equipment For Sale

TCR LIMS 2.0 Software
Commercially sold, the Laboratory Information Management Software (LIMS) for Material Testing, Metallurgical Research and NDT Services Companies is now available for pruchase. The software runs on both desktop (on a network) or as a web based application on the extranet.

Microstructure Characterizer Software. Image Analysis of Metals
Microstructure Characterizer Software
Developed in-house by expert metallurgists and material science engineers at TCR Engineering and TCR Advanced Engineering the Microstructure Characterizer (MiC) 3.0 is a powerful image analysis software for Metallurgical use.

Digital images taken from a Microscope are analyzed by Microstructure Characterizer, a software for microstructure interpretation. Using this software, a Material Science engineer can characterize different types of micro structural images for grain size, coating thickness and phases; get images from one or more files; and intensify the image using the filtering and enhancement features.

A time limited demo version of the software along with screen cam video's of the different functionality listed above is available at the Microstructure Characterizer Software Demo Site.

Instruments and Equipment
Metallurgical Laboratory Equipment
TCR represents Beijing Time Hi-technology, Ltd. (China) and offers Metallurgical Laboratory Equipment that includes Leeb hardness Tester, Shore Hardness Tester, Digital Rockwell Hardness Tester, Rockwell Hardness Tester, Brinell Hardness Tester, Vickers Hardness Tester, Roughness Tester, Ultrasonic Thickness gage, Coating Thickness gage, Portable Vibration tester, Ultrasonic Flaw Detector and Infrared Thermometer.

Positive Material Id (PMI) Instruments for Sale and On-Hire
TCR is pleased to offer equipments for Positive Material Identification including ARCMET Model 8000 SP Portable Spectrometer, XMET 3000TX Portable Alloy Analyzer and MetalMaster 2000.

Material Testing Equipment
Frequently we place are "like new" and "used" material testing equipment for sale. On this page, you'd find state-of-the-art instruments that we use in our laboratory on a everyday basis. We standby the quality and capabilities of each of these products. When you purchase from us, we provide 4 days of operator training at our office in Mumbai, India.

NEC Mobile Pro P300 PDA
NEC Mobile Pro P300 PDA used with Xmet 3000 Positive Material Identification
NEC Mobile Pro P300 PDA used with Xmet 3000 Positive Material Identification. The MobilePro P300 features a brilliant reflective color 3.8-inch QVGA TFT display for indoor and outdoor viewing (over 65,000 colors and 320 x 240 resolution).