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Material Testing

Inspections using XRF alloy analyzers by TCR Engineering Services
TCR Engineering Services, an India based material testing and quality assurance company undertakes tests using X-Ray Florescence (XRF) portable alloy analyzers on Metals, Electronics, Soils, Mining, Minerals, Woods, Thin Films, Paints & Coatings, Oils & Liquids, and Hazardous Waste Materials.

Experienced inspectors from TCR screen incoming material to identify alloys & metals using the non-destructive Positive Material Identification (PMI) procedures in India using portable XRF instruments. This allows the client's quality control department to quickly sort their inventory, verify & validate all critical components and ensure that all metals and alloys in the processing system meet the design specifications.

RoHS Testing in India by TCR Engineering Services
Compliance to RoHS standards in India (screening method) is undertaken using the portable XRF instruments of TCR Engineering Services. Using the custom tailored portable XRF spectrometer, inspection personnel from TCR can simultaneously screen for all five restricted RoHS elements and chlorine (Cl) in a matter of few seconds.

Inspection services team members of TCR assist the Recycle and Resell Scrap traders in increasing their profit margins by measuring precious metals in electronics - Pt, Ir, Ru, Rh, Pd. This helps traders to quickly sort inventory to sell at optimum prices for each business transaction.

Lead Inspection - Paints & Coatings, Oils & Liquids
As awareness continues to increase on the ill-effects of Lead (Pb) in day-to-day products in India and overseas, TCR Engineering Services undertakes classification of definitive positive/negative results for Pb using the portble XRF instruments. The XRF instrument of TCR can detect of lead in Paints & Coatings, Oils & Liquids. The tests are done in-situ and it can help in establishing area contamination boundaries and depth profiles including assisting in site investigations, delineation and contamination patterns.

The lead inspection service from TCR allows manufactures in India to create lead-free landfills, hazardous clean-up sites, consumer electronic materials, children's toys and jewelry, cooking or eating materials, packaging, and several other materials.

Multi-elemental Analysis of Metals in Soil that can detect percentages of Cr, Ti, & Ba and ensure that the soil samples meet demanding requirements including detection of upto 25-45 ppm Cr in Soils. TCR Engineering Services can verify if samples meet the US Environmental Protection Agency Method 6200. In situ RCRA Metals Analysis are conducted on-site for field Analysis for Contamination of Soils and Priority Pollutant Metals in Soils.

Industrial Hygiene
On-the-spot analysis of airborne metal filter media or dust wipes are analyzed non-destructively by TCR Engineering Services using portable XRF instruments to ensure their compliance to The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health's NIOSH Method 7702 - Pb in Air Filters. Occupational Safety and Health Administration's OSHA Methods OSA1 & OSS1 for Pb can also be detected. This helps maintain safety and protects workers in mining, welding, construction, fabrication, maintenance & repair, paint removal & rehabilitation.

Wood Products
TCR Engineering Services, using the portable XRF instruments can detect if a wood or a wood product has been pressure treated with CCA (Chromated Copper Arsenate). In India, CCA treated wood is used in out-door home and community structures, such as play sets, decks, picnic tables, compost boxes, and wooden containers for gardens. The US Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and several European countries have a ban on CCA treated wood as ingestion or inhalation of toxic metals in treated wood can lead to various forms of cancer and other serious illnesses.

TCR Engineering Services screens recycled wood mulch, pellets & other by-products for toxic metals and ensures that wood treaters, lumberyards and retail centers stay compliant with the directives of the EPA and other international bodies. TCR also performs test for arsenic leaching out of unlined landfills & around residential wood structures.

TCR Engineering Services assists to save time and money of miners by conducting on-site analysis of elements from Phosphorus to Uranium in solids, liquids, powders, cores, fragments, filters & films, and slurries. Further TCR can also ensure that companies maintain a safe and healthy working condition for workers in the mines by conducting elemental analysis of ambient air on filters to monitor toxic dust exposure of miners.

TCR Engineering Services can assist the armed services and defense teams in India and the Middle-East to identify highly specialized alloys used for WMD's, Measure I and P to identify clandestine methamphetamine labs or Pb and Sb for gunshot residue directly in the field without transporting, altering or damaging the evidence.

Please contact us for rate information for on-site XRF alloy analysis. Our charges for this type of service will depend on number of locations which need to be analyzed. Please let us know the number of locations, material of construction and tentative date of inspection and we shall send you a complete quote.

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