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Material Testing

Information required for Failure Analysis
Failure Investigation Data Sheet
Clients are requested to furnish information (if available) as outlined in the below prior to the start of the failure analysis assignment.
  1. Name of the component with identification number.

  2. Name of the section of the plant / section / subsection

  3. Description of the failure with photograph of failed component & system, photograph of the system where failure has occurred. Close up view of the failure.

  4. Materials of consecution with standard

  5. Original dimension of the component

  6. Schematic representation of the process & position of the failed component

  7. Mechanical drawing of the component

  8. Detailed process description with importance on critical parameters

  9. History of failure in chronological order in case of repetitive failure

  10. For boilers / furnace / reformers / fad / waste incinerators / heat exchanger failures:

    Details of furnace atmosphere with process parameters fuel used with air to fuels ratio or other parameter stack gas analysis of fluid with pressure and temperature and flow rate

    For boiler failures, analysis of bfw, blow down, sequence of dozing chemicals and it´s quantity, furnace soot analysis, dissolved oxygen in the system.

  11. Moc of the adjacent component and it´s experience

  12. Service life of the component before failure and designed life.

  13. Process parameters, like flow rate, heat exchanged, pressure, temperature with operational and designed

  14. Scale analysis report or scale samples, fluid samples and it´s analysis

  15. Inspection report of the component taken during shutdowns of all previous years, like visual observation, thickness hardness data or any other ndt data

  16. In case of mechanical failures provide all loading parameters with operational details like rpm and expected variation of loads

  17. Test certificate of the component

  18. Details of the reapers attended to component before the failure.

  19. Evidence of upsets in the process parameters before the failure.

  20. Alarm trips kept in the system to avoid such failures.

  21. Modification alteration done to the system.

  22. Weather the component is imported / indigenous
Plus any other relevant details, if available.
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Calibration Schedule
TCR undertakes material testing on duly calibrated machines as per the ISO 17025 requirements. Our frequency of calibration includes:

Physical Testing
Chemical Analysis
PMI Testing