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material testing
Material Testing

Mechanical Tests - Nick Break and Weldability
Nick Break
The principle of this test is to break the sample through the weld metal in order to examine the fractured surface. Applying a three point bend load induces the fracture. The fracture surface is then examined and the type and location of any weld defect are reported.

This procedure consists of performing a chemical analysis and/or mechanical tests with metallography to provide data for the determination of weldability. Weld Engineering provides additional support and recommendations for the material usage. If necessary, trial welds can be fully tested and examined to provide final data.

Other Mechanical Testing Services
Our Capabilities include: Tensile, Impact, Weldability, Bend, Compression, Flaring/Flattening, Hardness, Nick Break, Drop Weight, Proof Load, Fasteners, Hydraulic/Pneumatic, Component Testing, and more.
cupping test per ASTM
Erichsen Cupping