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Material Testing

Non Destructive Testing (NDT) Services in India
The talented and experienced NDT services team from TCR undertake Automated Ultrasonic testing using Time of Flight Diffraction (ToFD), Helium Leak Testing, Eddy Current Testing, Heat Treatment Services, In-Situ Metallography, Failure analysis, Remaining Life and Condition Assessments, Energy Audits, Corrosion Mapping, NDT Training, Weld and Paint Inspection, ASNT Level III consultancy, Positive Material Identification, conventional Ultrasonic Testing (UT), Dye Penetrant Testing, Magnetic Particle Testing, Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement, Ferrite Measurement, Third Party Inspection as well as several other advanced NDT and inspection related services. TCR can also provide Training and certification of NDT technicians as per ASNT level I and II.

Field service metallography and structural inspection are also offered. TCR's experienced personnel are respected for their integrity and recognized by all the relevant inspection authorities. Our services are available to the following market sectors: nuclear / energy, space and aerospace, petrochemical, automotive, construction, transport, defense and general engineering. TCR's inspectors are qualified to meet the requirements of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing Practice SNT-TC-1A as well as CP-189 specifications. Each nondestructive examination is performed to the requirements of major Codes, including the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes, the ASME/ANSI Codes for Pressure Piping, the American Petroleum Institute Codes, American Welding Society Standards and military specifications.

TCR's Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI) can pinpoint exactly what testing is necessary to qualify a weld, weld procedure, or individual welders. Each welding code follows three main categories of Welding Qualification; Welding Procedure Specification (WPS), Welding Procedure Qualification Record (WPQR), and Welder Performance Qualification (WPQ).

Qualified NDT Personnel from India
At TCR Engineering Services we undertake NDT assignments for Petrochemical and Power industry in India and can easily deploy strong engineering team and NDT Inspectors from India to at your offshore location or within the Gulf/Middle-East area.

NDT Facilities of TCR in India
Omniscan MX Automated UT for TOFD
Epoch LT Utrasonic Flaw Detection
Kraut Krammer USK 7 Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
Dye Penetrant Test
Helium Leak Testing Machine
Eddy Current Testing Machine
Portable Alloy Analyzers
Ultrasonic Flaw Detector and an Ultrasonic Flaw Detector with printer facility
Ultrasonic thickness gauges
Ferrite Measurement, Portable Hardness
Magnetic Yoke with AC/DC and Permanent
Ultraviolet light for MPI
Post Weld Heat Treatment Equipment with Control Panel and Recorder
XRF based Positive Material Identification

NDT Capabilities of TCR
In-Situ Metallography
Ultrasonic Inspection
Dye Penetrant
Magnetic Particle Testing
Eddy Current Testing
Helium Leak Testing
Weld Inspection
Qualified NDT Personnel from India
Visual Inspection and Field Services
Portable Hardness
Non-Destructive Testing: ASNT Level III Consultancy in India
Structural Steel Inspection
Residual Life Assessment (RLA) of Boilers and pressure vessels
Positive Material Identification
Training and Certification as per ASNT Level I and II

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Kraut Krammer in India
        Kraut Krammer

TCR Services:
Mechanical Testing
Chemical Analysis
Positive Material Id.
Non Destructive Testing
Corrosion Testing
Failure Analysis
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