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Material Testing

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Corporate Literature
TCR presents all her published materials online for your instant access. All documents listed below are in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format.

Company Related
TCR Engineering Services Brochure
TCR Engineering Services

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TCR Engineering Services Company Profile
Corporate Profile (2014)

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Corporate Presentation
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Approvals and Certificates

NABL and ISO 17025 Accredition Certificates
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Scope of NABL Accredition - Mechanical
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Scope of NABL Accredition - Chemical
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Scope of NABL Accredition - NDT
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Approval from Indian Boiler Regulator
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Approval from Saudi Arabia SASO for Mechanical Testing
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Approval from Saudi Arabia SASO for Food and Microbiology Testing
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Lab Related

Directions to TCR at Navi Mumbai
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Instructions to check Status of Test Results
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Advanced Engineering Consulting for Plants
Boiler Tube Investigation Services
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Fitness For Service
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Fitness For Service - Procedure and Methodology
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Root Cause Analysis and Remaining Life Assessment of Reformer Tubes
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Finite Element Analysis
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In-Situ Metallography
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Replica Poster
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Scanning Electron Microscope with EDAX at TCR in India
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Material Testing Laboratory Services
Fatigue and CTOD Testing
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Corrosion Testing
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Material Testing Sample Size Requirements

Failure Analysis Services
Failure Analysis Brochure
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Failure Investigation and Analysis with case study
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Information requested for Failure Analysis
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NDT Services
Advanced NDT for Plant Inspection
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Automated Reformer Tube Inspection System (ARTiS)
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High Temperature Hydrogen Attack Detection by NDT
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Internal Oxide Scale Measurement
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Boroscopy and Videoscopy for Visual Plant Inspection
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NDT Services at TCR Engineering
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Positive Material Identification Projects
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Procedure for Positive Material Identification (PMI) for Alloying Elements in Metals
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Sourcing and Inspection
Shutdown NDT and Inspection Manpower from India
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Product and Material Sourcing from India
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Material Inspection and Quality Assurance in India
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Metal Analysis Software
Microstructure Characterizer Software - Brochure
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Microstructure Characterizer Software - Product Literature
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TCR's Laboratory Information Management Software LIMS for Metallurgical Testing Lab
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Food and Microbiology Testing
Microbiology and Food Testing - Brochure

Microbiology and Food Testing Prameters

PHE food and water microbiology proficiency testing Participant

Price List
Material Testing Price List: 2012
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Technical White Paper
Integrated Approach for RLA of Reformer Tubes by NDT (ARTiS)
Paper presented by Ketan Upadhyaya, Paresh Haribhakti, Jaidev Patel and V K Bafna
The paper discusses the methodology for more precise judgment of tube condition with individual rating for replacement planning by correlating Automated Ultrasonic Scanning (AUS) results, outer diameter measurement results, tube bowing quantification and microstructural characterization.

Remaining life assessment of components subjected to high temperature and corrosion
Remaining life of the components in high temperature service is a need of process industries considering the cost of the new equipment, reliability and safe operation of plants. Equipment remains in operation beyond designed life considering the original safety margins. With advancement in technology and metallurgical knowledge, it is possible to find out the metal degradation behaviour against the life limiting active and potential damage mechanisms.

Use of In-Situ Metallography for Plant Health Assessment Studies and Failure Investigations
Paper presented by Mr. Paresh Haribhakti at the 13th Middle East Corrosion Confernce in Bahrain

Advantages of Ferrography
Mr. Paresh Haribhakti presented a paper on Ferrography at a seminar on Modern Maintenance practices on 19th Feb, 2010 at Hotel Surya Palace, Vadodara which was jointly organized by Indian Institution of Plant Engineers & Academy For Conservation of Energy.

Use of In-Situ Metallography for Plant Health Assessment Studies and Failure Investigations
Mr. Paresh Haribhakti presented a paper on Use of In-Situ Metallography for Plant Health Assessment Studies and Failure Investigations at the 13th Middle East Corrosion Conference and Exhibition (13MECC) 2010 which was held from 14-17 February 2010 at the Gulf International Convention Center in Bahrain.

Outsourcing Laboratory Practices
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A presentation designed to showcase India as a destination for contract research and material testing services.

Failure Analysis Study
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This technical white paper provides an extensive study into the different types of material and component failures observed in industrial enterprises. This white paper also provides solutions to manufacturing problems and advises towards selecting the appropriate materials to improve overall product quality, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. It also discusses welding problems and offers solutions to improve the weld process.

Failure and Root Cause Analysis in India and the Middle East
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Failures are costing Indian and Middle-East plants and manufacturing units billions of dollars a year and are draining the productivity potential of the respective nations. TCR presents their methodical approach to determine the mode and root cause of a failures.

International Locations and Partner Companies
TCR Arabia Brochure
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TCR Arabia Brochure 2014
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TCR Arabia Company Profile
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TCR Arabia Flyer
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TCR Advanced Services
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Microstructure Articles
Microstructrure of the Month
Monthly informative articles for today's metallurgists and engineers. Each month, engineers from the Metallography and Failure Analysis division highlight an issue that may help prevent future application or product failures observed in our material testing laboratory in India.

Corporate Presentation
View the TCR Engineering Presentation covering all aspects of the enterprise. This is a sales presentation composed as a Microsoft® Power Point (ppt) show.

Download the Presentation in PDF format.

Material Testing Standards
Engineering Standards - ISO, ASTM, NACE, API
Commonly used material testing standards available for the engineering community from TCR and TechStreet

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