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Welder Certification & Procedure Qualification

TCR Engineering Services provides a comprehensive welder certification and welding procedure program that includes: 

  1. Welder Qualification Testing for performance qualification and certification of welders (a welder / welding operator performances qualification - WQT) to ASME Sec. IX, ASME Sec. VIII, ANSI, AWS D 1.1, AWS D 1.2, API 1104 etc.

  2. Preparation for Weld Procedure Qualification (WPS) that is relevant for either the project or any client requirements

  3. Coupon Testing as per Welding Procedure Qualification including visual examination, mechanical testing, metallographic examination, and non-destructive testing

  4. Documentation of the Procedure Qualification Record (PQR) as per ASME Sec. IX, ASME Sec. VIII, ANSI, AWS D1.1, AWS D1.2, API 1104 etc.

  5. Detailed weld inspection including review of the qualification e.g. weld procedure specification, welder performance qualification, validity for process materials and consumable items, equipment, setup and other factors including certificates of calibration and/or conformity governing the task

  6. Ascertain safety of operations for self, welder and other workers in the vicinity, particularly ultraviolet radiation from arc during welding

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Welding Procedure Program

The welding inspector deployed on-site by TCR is responsible for monitoring and verifying conformity of tasks against all the relevant requirements including codes, specifications and/or standards:

  • Ascertain the Weld Procedure(S) Employed

  • Review Weld Procedure and Welder Qualifications

  • Supervise Weld Profile Preparation

  • Inspect Joint Fit-U

  • Oversee Filler Metals and Consumable Materials

  • Ensure Correct Welding Performance Parameters are Maintained

  • Perform Visual Examination Upon Completion Of Welding Monitor

  • Specified Pre and Post Weld Heat Treatment

  • Monitor the Physical Examination including Non-Destructive Test, Hydrostatic Test, and Mechanical Test Etc.

  • Based On the Requirement, the Inspector may Choose to send Test Samples to the TCR Engineering Services' Material Testing Laboratory

  • Verify all Necessary Visual Inspections are Completed and all other necessary Non-Destructive Examinations are Executed as Specified

Based on the requirements, the inspector may employ equipments to accelerate the process:

  • Inspection Mirrors

  • Torch or other Electrical Lighting Facilities (permitted by safety codes eg. 24V system etc.)

  • Physical Size Measuring Instruments such as Welding Gauge, Rule, Vernier etc.

  • Electrical Parameter Measuring Instruments such as an Ammeter, Voltmeter etc.

  • Temperature Measuring Instruments (Thermometer)/Aids (Thermo Chalk)


All TCR welding inspectors are certified in accordance with the requirements of one or more of the following schemes: 

Welding Inspection at TCR
TCR brings over 45 years of experience in QA /QC inspection in the Oil and Gas industry, Petrochemicals and refineries, and has experience in pressure vessel fabrication (static equipment), inspection and Third-Party Inspection of materials like plates, pipes, forgings, and castings at the vendor's location. TCR has extensive hands-on experience in NDT (UT, MT, PT) and Radiographic Film Interpretation and Destructive testing of various materials  

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