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Gain insights and see benefits from TCR's intellectual diversity that spans every significant industry and functional areas. Download our powerful project and client case studies from across industries and see how TCR goes beyond the obvious to create value in unprecedented ways

This white paper outlines the benefits of outsourcing essential tests to establised laboratories. Outsourcing the lab function reduces overhead and operating costs while the company continues to benefit from needed laboratory services. Read more to understand the advantages. 

Know more about TCR's unique approach to failure analysis. Its in-depth knowledge of over 4 decades and experience in the field of Metallurgy and Corrosion, TCR has undertaken thousands of Root Cause failure investigation for variety of industries including Petrochemicals, Refinery, Oil exploration, Chemical, Fertilizers, Power and Energy, Pharmaceuticals, Transport and Automobile, Fabrication and Engineering Industries.

As a non-destructive technique, in-situ metallography is considered critical for assessing the integrity health of the equipment, which operates under various plant conditions. This paper includes case studies of microstructural degradation of components under high temperature and high pressure.

Learn about TCR's unparalleled expertise in Failure Analysis

Assess the remaining life of Components and save on costs, augment reliability and enhance plant safety. Find out about metal degradation and much more in this white paper.

This paper discusses how the interpretation can be correlated with respect to tube metallurgy and inspection findings. A model is suggested with a comprehensive approach for tube retirement plan based on a combination of NDT inspection and metallographic techniques. The paper discusses the methodology for more precise judgment of tube condition with an individual rating for replacement planning by correlating Automated Ultrasonic Scanning (AUS) results, outer diameter measurement results etc.

Know about TCR's end-to-end NDT services

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This white paper provides an insight into the different types of material and component failures observed in industrial enterprises. It also provides solutions to manufacturing problems and advises towards selecting the appropriate materials to improve overall product quality, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. 

In this whitepaper, our global technical advisor discusses about Ferrography technique which in use since 1970. The technique provides Microscopic Examination and Analysis of Debris (particles) found in lubricating oils. These particles consist of metallic and non-metallic matter.

Failures are costing Indian and Middle-East plants and manufacturing units billions of dollars a year and are draining the productivity potential of the respective nations. TCR presents their methodical approach to determine the mode and root cause of failures.

TCR's expert metallography and failure analysis teams highlight issues that will assist in preventing the future application or product failures

Gain Knowledge on the principles of Automated Reformer Tube Inspection System (ARTiS)

Learn how to reduce the forced outage with zero chemistry related failures in Boiler Tube with this infographic

This white paper exhaustively explains Root Cause Failure Investigation and Remaining Life Assessment of Reformer tubes

Know about TCR's end-to-end PMI services

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TCR Engineering Services has been successfully assessed in 2018 and accredited in accordance with the standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005

Know all about us including who we are, our legacy, our client advantage, our accreditations, what we do in Material testing services, Non-destructive testing, Third Party Audit & QA, Consulting & Advisory and what are our core values, quality policy, major projects, clients awards & appreciation, global offices.

Know about TCR's wide range of services that include Testing, Inspection & Third Party Audits and Advisory.

Our service brochure exhaustively lists a wide range of offerings that include Testing, Inspection & Third Party Audits, Advisory, Training & Manpower services

Know about TCR's extensive TCR Failure Analysis Services with this document

TCR has state of the art Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) attached with Energy Dispersive Spectrometer (EDS) system, which is a great diagnostic tool with many benefits. Learn More

View the Replica Microstructure Guidelines with this document

TCR seamlessly automates the entire process right from sample collection, test & specification management, machine performance analysis to result reporting. To know more, read this document

Learn about how the Internal Oxide Scale Measurement is used for Boiler Tubes

Learn about the procedure used for Positive Material Identification at TCR

Know about TCR's Videoscopy services

The FFS projects of in-service components is a major tool for industries as it allows them to forecast impending degradation and provides them with lead time for budgetary and replacement planning. To know more, read our document

Fitness for Service Assessment employs the use of quantitative engineering analysis to demonstrate and assess structural integrity of an in-service item. To know more, read our in-depth document

Know about the Microbiology Food Testing Parameters with this document

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This is an effective tool for condition or life assessment of process plant components. To learn more, read our document

Know about the Microstructure Characterizer (MiC) 2.0 image analysis software for Metallurgical use that has been indigenously designed by the experts at TCR