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Tube Inspection



Eddy Current Testing

Eddy current testing is a rapid and accurate technique used to detect discontinuities in the tubing, heat exchangers, condensers, wires, plates, etc. TCR uses electromagnetic induction to detect flaws in conductive materials. Eddy current testing can detect very small cracks in or near the surface of the material. The surfaces need minimal preparation, and physically complex geometries can be investigated using this method. Eddy current testing is also performed for alloy separation, for the determination of treatment conditions, for making electrical conductivity and for measuring coating thickness. The location of repair welds, girth welds, and seam welds may also be detected on ground-machined surfaces.


TCR has an in-house team of Eddy Current Testing professionals with deep expertise in inspecting a number of tubing in heat exchangers. TCR’s testing devices are portable, contact-less and provide immediate feedback.

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TCR Engineering Services engages in advanced NDT inspection of heat exchangers and boiler tubes by employing the latest Acoustic Eye tube inspection technology to discerning users for the safety and integrity of their process equipment. Acoustic Eye tube inspection is fast (10 seconds per tube, up to 2000 tubes inspection in one shift of 12 hours), non-invasive and provides inbuilt computerized signal analysis tools to quickly identify tube faults (e.g. pitting / wall loss, erosions, holes / leakage, blockage, bulging) in heat exchangers / condensers / boilers / chillers / reactor tubes.


Acoustic Eye’s breakthrough, non-invasive solution for today’s hard-to-inspect tubes up to 4” inner diameter enables ultra-fast, accurate inspection of boilers, Fin Fans, and other heat exchangers, regardless of the tube shape or the type of material.


Main advantages:

  1. It can test up to 4” inner diameter any shape or tube material

  2. Ultrafast, non-invasive, inspection in less than 10 seconds, 5 seconds for less than 6m tube – it is ideal for 100% inspections and emergency situation.

  3. It can detect blockages apart from pitting or punctures- useful for detecting the extent of cleaning, to increase the efficiency of the heat exchanger

  4. Non-Traversing NDT system with no moving parts

  5. Fast inspection of tubes- the time taken for each tube irrespective of the length  is 10 seconds for inspection

  6. Tube wall material can be used for tubes of any material

  7. Tube configuration independent (fin tubes, U-tubes, multi bends, 90 deg turns)

  8. Extremely accurate results

  9. Self Analyzing special software does automatic analysis using Matlab and C++

  10. Automatic report Generation (in PDF/HTML format)

  11. Can be used for tubes from 7 mm ID to 70 mm ID


User benefits:

  1. Fast and accurate detection of tube faults and type, position/ location and size/extent of faults

  2. Resultant time-saving in taking corrective actions on tubes with defects

  3. Faster turn-around of equipment contributing to faster unit/plant startup

Acoustic Eye


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