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Heat Treatment

TCR Engineering has expanded its services range with a dedicated division that offers both gas and electric post weld heat treatment services including:

  1. Electric resistance localized PWHT of butt welds for piping projects

  2. Temporary / permanent furnace heat treatment and normalizing.

  3. Internal high velocity gas firings of spherical and bullet tanks and other large storage tanks / vessels.

  4. Localized PWHT of vessel closing weld seams.

TCR Engineering has a large presence in Odisha with over 200 expert NDT technicians and heat treaters working in the field at prestigious projects across the state. In terms of Heat Treatment, the company is currently working for Essar Construction at the BF Shell Project at Jindal Steel in Angul, Odisha. We have a dedicated crew at HURL site as well. TCR Engineering has a dedicated materials testing lab in Bhubaneshwar as well. We are doing a number of radiography works for cross country and CGD pipelines in the state including the DAPL, HMPL, PSHPL, KGPL and other lines for Indian Oil and GAIL.


Preheating Services

TCR undertakes preheating of weldment to eliminate weld defects and improve weld quality by avoiding cracking in the heat affected zone (HAZ) or at the weldment.


Furnace Heat Treatment
(Static / Temporary / Gas / Electrical)

Within the TCR's lab environment, we have high velocity gas fired burners which create a ‘scrubbing action’ of hot gases against the walls of the component eliminating any cold spots.


Electric Resistance Localized Post Weld Heat Treatment

TCR Core Services

Carefully controlled localized post weld heat treatment by electric resistance, by TCR's expert heat treaters, tempers the metal and reduces tensile stresses, minimizing the risk of brittle fracture, stress and corrosion cracking and metal fatigue.

We look forward to your inquiry so that a detailed quote can be submitted. Having our base Pan-India helps has mobilize faster as well as provide the necessary repair and maintenance of our machines in a rapid manner. Our team members are dedicated and are backed with our supervisory skills gained over the past 50 years of TCR’s services towards quality assurance to the Indian Industry.

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