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TCR: Redefining On-Time Quality

Headquartered in Mumbai, TCR Engineering Services is an ISO 17025 and NABL accredited independent Material Testing and Quality Assurance Laboratory serving 2500+ customers globally.  Established in 1973, TCR has a trusted legacy with a strong presence in India and internationally in countries like Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE. TCR enables organizations across the globe to develop and execute solutions for efficiently managing plant operations. TCR aims to innovate in a way that minimizes the gap between their offerings and their client needs.

For almost half a century, TCR has built an enterprise that is distinctly known for its honesty, reliability and transparency.  TCR’s team is distinguished by knowledge, imagination and experience gained across industries and that is reflected in every project they undertake. TCR, because of its global presence can rapidly assemble the right team with the right experience to help clients anywhere in the world. TCR has worked with several industries and verticals that include Automotive, Oil Refineries, Petrochemical plants, Chemical Processing, Defense, Electronics, Nuclear Power, Capital Goods, and manufacturing industries to determine material properties, improve product performance, assist in developing new and better products/materials, evaluate remaining life of an industrial equipment, understand reasons for unmet expectation for a component’s performance and or to identify why a product may have failed.


TCR delivers unbiased results on time, every single time. The multi-disciplinary certified and experienced team of professionals at TCR is inclusive of metallurgical, mechanical, electrical, and chemical engineers; materials scientists; chemists; physicists; NDT inspectors and computer scientists who are skilled to meet rigorous standards in the testing field, whether serving the Private, Public Sector, Government or the Military.   In recent years, TCR is recognized as one of the fastest growing innovative and successful companies in India. The company won the prestigious award from NACE International for “Excellent Laboratory in Private Sector” in September 2007.


Building Trust since 1973

TCR Engineering Services was incorporated in 1973 and has over the years grown to be India’s leading material testing and research company.  It was the vision of Mr. V. K. Bafna, the founder, a keen metallurgist to provide real, sustainable solutions to companies that would drive progress for them. He infused the principles of precision, transparency and reliability in all actions due to which, TCR today is a trusted service provider for top-notch companies across the globe.


TCR treats all its clients equally; whether it is Fortune 500 companies or Small-medium businesses, it delivers results with the same speed and efficiency without compromising on quality.  TCR recognizes the significance of developing relationships that echo their culture of mutual respect and unwavering ethics. For over five decades, TCR is focused on bringing to life great ideas and business solutions that drive growth for their clients. The company has many ‘firsts’ to its credit and has become a thought leader in the industry because of its pioneering work. TCR has a growing global presence and is rooted in behaving ethically in all their interactions with their employees, partners, and their customers.

V.K. Bafna, TCR Engineering


Founder & Visionary TCR Engineering Services Pvt. Ltd.


TCR Engineering Services believes in establishing long-term, strategic relationships with customers as opposed to short-term, opportunity-based engagements. TCR  has had the chance to serve across multiple industry verticals and has a long-standing track record of delivering quality assurance services to some of the best-known refineries and  organizations in the field of oil and gas chemicals, electronics, construction, power generation, automotive, defense, aerospace, mining, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, manufacturing, process industry and all of the major public sector verticals.


TCR has established a successful Global Delivery Model. TCR’s rapidly growing global delivery services model allows TCR to be the preferred back-end material testing laboratory for some of the world’s largest corporations. This allows global customers to take advantage of reduced cost for material testing while maintaining the same quality standards that they expect in their country. Over the years, TCR has performed laboratory testing and inspection services for numerous customers in the North America, Europe, Africa, Middle-East and Asia-Pacific. Over 3500+ customers in India and Overseas use TCR’s services to dramatically improve and certify their products, validate material quality, ensure innovation in the marketplace, and to achieve significant competitive advantages.

TCR Engineering Materials Testing Laboratory. material testing, india, TCR Engineering Services, customers
Bharat Forge


TCR works across all types of industries, with all kinds of clients. We start by asking the right questions to unearth the right solutions. Our unique approach ensures that we do not provide off the shelf solutions and our recommendations are highly customized. Our mission is to help management teams create such high levels of economic value that  we are able to redefine their businesses.


TCR has worked with several industries and verticals that include Automotive, Oil Refineries, Petrochemical plants, Chemical Processing, Defense, Electronics, Nuclear Power, Capital Goods, and manufacturing industries with clients like Siemens, Schlumberger Oil Field Services, Indian Oil Corporation, Hyundai, Reliance Industries, Essar, Bharat Petroleum, Caterpillar USA, ONGC Uran (Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India), Ecolab Canada, Unilever among many others.

Management Team


VK Bafna, Chairman, Founder, TCR Engineering

V.K. Bafna

Chairman Emeritus

TCR Group of Companies

Rohit Bafna, President, TCR Engineering


TCR Global

Neelam Bafna, Chairwoman, TCR Engineering

Managing Director

TCR Engineering

Paresh Haribhakti, MD, TCR Advanced

Paresh Haribhakti

Global Technical Advisor

TCR Engineering

Viren Khandwala, TCR Engineering

Viren Khandwala

Director, Finance

TCR Engineering

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