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PMI Instruments for Sale and Hire
TCR is pleased to offer the following instruments for Positive Material Identification. These products are in "like new" condition. All items are FOB Mumbai and 100% advance payment is required. You can send your representative to India to our offices to Inspect the goods, make the payment and collect the machines. We can also arrange to ship these machines to your location. We will provide 4 days of operator training at our office in Mumbai, India.

We hope you would find these offer most attractive and trust us with your valued orders, which we assure you would receive our prompt and best attention always.

ARC-MET 8000 MobileLab Portable Spectrometer
This portable spectrometer is ideal for PMI and can determine all elements in Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel & Stainless Steel. It can be used to analyze Ferrous and Non Ferrous materials including Nickel, Cobalt Aluminum and Copper base alloys along with Carbon. Low Alloy and Stainless Steels. Separate calibration will be provided for each matrix. Thus this is a very precise instrument and can be used in lab as well as field. It uses Argon Gas for Ferrous samples where determination of elements like C, S, P and Si is essential to determine exact grade. The test surface requirement however is a flat surface of about 20mm dia which may be a limitation in some cases. It can analyze elements including Fe, C, Si, Mn, Cr, Mo, Ni, Al, Co, Cu, Nb, Ti, V, W, Pb, and Zr. Approx. weight 12 Kgs. Should you be interested in this product, please send us complete details of your material, shape and sizes, and quantities.

The cost of the ARC-MET 8000 MobileLab is USD $55,000 FOB Mumbai.

The equipment comes with the following optional accessories:
Internal Printer: Euro 990
Cart: Euro 1500
Battery+Inverter (consists of an inverter and a 12v gel battery as a package. To be used with the cart): Euro 3500
Pressure Regulator : Euro 950
Argon Cylinder : Euro 1050

You can download a product literature of the ARC Met 8000 from

XMET 3000TX Portable Alloy Analyzer
XMET 3000TX Portable Alloy AnalyzerThis is a real portable analyzer which can be taken any where and can analyze sample completely non-destructively of any shape and size. The identification is done on basis of major alloying elements only and grade of material is displayed. Please note that this instrument will not analyze elements like C, S, P, Si, Al, B etc and hence material like 316L and 316 can not be segregated by this instrument but it can give you purity of Gold etc. This instrument is only 1.8Kg in weight and can be taken any where easily.

We also have a "like new" XMET 3000 TX for USD $45,000 and a "used" XMET 3000 for USD $18,000. View the pictures of our XMet3000 instrument.

You can download a product literature of the X-MET 3000TX from X-MET3000TX.pdf and xmet3000tx_bro_en.pdf

MetalMaster 2000
MetalMaster 2000XRF based PMI instrument, MetalMaster 2000 is suitable to test all alloying elements like Cr, Ni, Mo, Ti, Cb, Ta, W, Co, V, etc and depending on their concentration it will identify the material to determine if it is Carbon Steel, Alloy Steel or Stainless Steel. It is also programmed to analyze Copper based and Nickel based alloys like brass, bronze, Cupro-nickel, Monel, Inconnel etc. It would not analyze elements like C, S, P, Si and Al.

The Price for the used instrument MetalMaster 2000 is $15,000 FOB Mumbai.

You can download a product literature of the MetalMaster 2000 from

Instruments on Hire with Operator
We are glad to inform you that we are the pioneer and most well equipped PMI service organization in India and shall be glad to send our experienced operator with a X-Ray Tube Based PMI Instrument at short notice (about 10 days) to your site. Please let us know the number of days requirement so that we can give you our best price.

If we have to carry out the job ourselves on hire, using portable XRF type spectrometer with an experienced engineer from our PMI services team. If you opt for portable optical emission spectrometer (Arcmet 8000) which can analyze carbon, sulphur, phospohorus also, but not as portable as XRF instrument, then charges will be extra. Please contact us for any PMI project.

The cost of air travel to the final destination, lodging/boarding and visa charges (if any) should be borne by the client. We will require a charge for mobilization and balance upon completion of the job.

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