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Material Testing

Product Sourcing and Raw Material Inspection Services
Engineering Consulting on Product Sourcing
TCR Engineering Services (TCR), founded in 1973, is India's leading ISO 17025 and NABL accredited independent material testing laboratory servicing 1500 customers globally. Leveraging the relationships with customers at our laboratory, TCR started providing sourcing services in 2004. TCR has an in depth knowledge of the Metal / Steel industry in India, including all small and big enterprises.

TCR covers the entire sourcing process from finding the right suppliers to transferring the design specifications. TCR will setup the right supply chain and logistics control, ensuring that the shipment meet all export guidelines. Finally our strength and deep domain expertise in material testing and inspection services helps maintain quality control on all shipments.

TCR continuously harvests her relationships with manufacturers and traders in India by taking the time to meet with these companies including touring their facilities and "first hand" confirming their capabilities.

TCR has a team of over 120 employees including Engineers, Chemists, Metallurgists & Technicians that are able to participate in the material and goods sourcing. Our Engineers are well versed in interpreting drawings and assist in creation of "test" samples.

TCR can source, inspect and test ferrous and non-ferrous metals, casting & forging, sheet metal, bar, pipe, stainless steel, nuts, bolts, engineering goods, non-metallic materials such as polymer, ceramic, glass, machined parts, and machine tool components from India.

The Sourcing Process from India by TCR
Our 5-step sourcing process is tailored around the following deliverables:
  • TCR initially seeks details on product type, drawing, material specifications, required amount and quality with target delivery date from the client.

  • TCR goes into the marketplace, contacting Manufacturers, traders and Steel producers, to establish production capability, availability, quality and unit price.

  • TCR provides a product price quote in a FOB price format. We directly negotiate with the supplier and provide a competitive bid.

  • If price and quality parameters are acceptable by the client, TCR instructs the manufacturer to produce an appropriate sample prototype for approval. The Prototype is shipped to the client.

  • Once samples are approved, product order is placed with all manufacturing suppliers. Payment and shipping logistics are verified by TCR.
Raw Material Inspection Services
As part of all product sourcing projects, TCR undertakes Raw Material Inspection Services.

TCR's independent, third-party inspection and quality assurance services, includes, Factory Audits, OEM Development, Raw Material Inspection, Initial Production Check, In-Production Check, Random Inspection and Loading Supervision directly on-site at the supplier's location in India.

TCR conducts on-site visits to the supplier / manufacturer's plant to determine evaluate fabrication techniques, assembly procedures or quality issues, and ensure that the production is as per client specified requirement. Inspection can range from a simple walk through to extensive sample retrieval and onsite analysis. Our sample custody is continuous from on-site photography and logging, through laboratory analysis and secure storage. Prior to initiating a raw material inspection service, TCR seeks to obtain a data sheet for the assignment.

Material Inspection Services are essential to ensure that all material supplied meets client / project defined specifications. TCR can perform quality analysis (QA) on all engineering goods sourced from India and validate them as per ASTM, BS, GS, JS, IS and other international standards.

The TCR Engineering Consulting and Sourcing staff, is supported by TCR's ISO 17025 certified material testing laboratory which provides full chemical, mechanical, non destructive testing, metallographic, positive material identification, corrosion testing and component testing services, including portable spectrometers, and digital photography. TCR also has access to scanning electron microscope and EDAX attachments.

Logistics Management
Once the product is manufactured and ready for shipment, TCR performs and verifies all export logistics, including local documentation, customs, licensing and tariff requirements, in the most efficient and economical way possible to insure timely delivery.

The Product Sourcing service is a fixed-price effort from TCR Engineering. The price for our Raw Material Inspection Services is based on the amount of material inspected. The Price List for our material testing services based on location:
IndiaUSA, Europe, Asia-PacificChinaMiddle East

Online Consulting
If you are unable to visit us in Mumbai, we offer online consulting via e-mail. Please note that there will be a minimum US $250.00 charge for all new accounts towards any online product sourcing consulting.

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