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Wet Chemical Analysis
Wet Chemistry
Wet Chemical analysis excludes all techniques that use instrumentation for quantitative analysis. Gravimetry (in which a chemical species is determined by weighing) and Titrimetry (which involves volume measurement of a liquid reactant) are two procedures that we use in our laboratory to perform classical chemistry.

Most classical wet chemical methods can accommodate comparatively small amounts of a sample in diverse shapes or forms. It can also be applied to represent the gross chemistry of moderately inhomogeneous material sample.

Wet chemistry may be used to "umpire" a traditional instrumental approach for accuracy. In addition to more conventional titration analysis, wet chemical analysis plays on important role in many other analytical applications including coating identification and wear metal identification.

Our Chemical Analysis Laboratory includes state-of-the-art spectrometers:
· AUTOCOMP 81 Optical Emission Spectrometer from Thermo Jerall Ash Corp.
· ATOMSCAN 25 ICP Spectrometer from Thermo Jerall Ash Corp., USA
· CS 400 Automatic Carbon Sulphur Determinator from LECO Corp., USA
· CS 240 Automatic Carbon Sulphur Determinator from LECO Corp., USA
· UNICAM 969 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer from Thermo Elemental, UK.
· GDS 500A Glow Discharge Spectrometer from LECO Corp., USA

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